Single Visit Dentistry

Single Visit Dentistry

Single-Visit Dentistry is a newly-emerged technology that allows crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays, bridges, and implant restorations to be created in one dental appointment. We have come up with some advanced technologies As Cerec Chairside CAD Cam that will help fasten the treatment methods and provide the utmost comfort to the patient.

Cerec Omnicam

State-of-the-art equipment called Cerec Omnicam is utilized for Single-Visit Dentistry in different dental surgeries and implants. They assist as the perfect scanner and help in getting high-resolution 3D images of the patient’s smile after tooth preparation. With a quicker view of the patient’s dental condition, the dentist will be able to design accordingly.

Sirona CAD-CAM

With the advanced CAD-CAM technology (Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing in Dentistry), a new tooth or a dental crown is restored for the affected one in a single visit. The technology scans the mouth entirely and gives out high-quality 3D IMAGES for the restoration, in accordance with the design guidelines. The implants are available in zirconium material

CBT/3D Imaging

The CBT replaces the painful way of taking dental x-rays.

With 3D Imaging, the dentists get precise images for thorough examination with quick data transfer, rather than waiting one day to get x-ray reports.

At Aesthetic Advanced Dental Clinic, we apply low dosage of radiation and use the technology of lead aprons so that other parts of the body remain unexposed to radiation. Our x-ray technology is even suitable for kids.

Zoom Whitening

The traditional whitening process was more of a manual and used to depend on how the solution was spread across the tooth by the dentist. In Zoom whitening, the dentist relies on Hydrogen Peroxide and low intensity UV Light which helps break down the stains and discolorations and gives the perfect flawless white.

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